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Experiencing the weekly message only once is never enough. That’s why we have made many of our weekend messages available on podcast so that you will be encouraged, blessed and inspired throughout the week.  Click on the messages below to listen or download the sermon notes.

“Give Us More Room”
Pastor Lito Amador
13 October 2019
From the narrative of the New Testament Church, Pastor Lito shares how the church should prepare for the coming harvest of souls. There is no…
In My Name
Sis. Letty Amador
6 October 2019
Jesus is the final answer. His Name is the believers’ power of attorney to ask anything in the name of Jesus. Believe! 
Empowered to Lead
Pastor Imelda Mesa
29 September 2019
A good leader is a hero. He can save a sinking ship. He can steer a dying nation in the right direction. He can positively…
Empowered to Serve
Pastor Imelda Mesa
22 September 2019
Being loved by God and receiving the same is the beginning of our spiritual journey BUT it is never the final destination. Jesus gave us…
To All Fathers
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
Gleaning from Joseph’s example, Pastor Lito posed a challenge to all the fathers. Joseph, the husband of Mary exemplified admirable traits of a faithful father,…
The Parable of the Soil
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
The word of God is the perfect seed of all seeds. It is potent to germinate in any good soil. Yet, there are four types…
The Work of the Holy Spirit
Pastor Imelda Mesa
25 August 2019
We are created with a great degree of independence and yet with a great degree of dependence. And, there are things in life that we…
What is New in Being New?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
11 August 2019
You say, “I am trying to be a good Christian.” I say to you, outside of Christ, you are weak. But in Christ, you are…
Jesus is King!
Pastor Imelda Mesa
04 August 2019
We don’t hear people often proclaim Jesus as King but He is. He is King of kings, Lord of lords. To those who belong in…
Engage to Face the Challenge
Pastor Imelda Mesa
16 June 2019
We all have challenges and we must face them. Let us learn from Paul’s advice to Timothy how to combat them without shrinking to negativity.
Called to Make Disciples
Pastor Imelda Mesa
26 May 2019
Pastor Imelda challenges Christ’s followers to heed the call. If God is the Miracle-Worker, you are the disciple-maker. And God is going to perform His…
Deadly Exercise
Pastor Imelda Mesa
19 May 2019
Revenge and retaliation can be a deadly exercise. It can potentially imprison us for the rest of our lives. In this message, Pastor Imelda shares…
God is Good, Be Thankful
Pastor Imelda Mesa
5 May 2019
Pastor Imelda speaks of human life as the pinnacle of God’s design, the zenith of God’s creation, God’s handiwork (Job 14:15) and God’s masterpiece (Eph.2:10).…
Engage in Love
Pastor Imelda Mesa
28 April 2019
Human invention of love falls short. It leaves you wanting and searching. It leaves you void, empty, insecure, and uncertain! It is inadequate to satisfy…
Moving Forward
Pastor Imelda Mesa
6 January 2019
In this message, Pastor Imelda will help you get hold of some principles that can assist you in becoming a person with a vision. She…