Pastor Frank Yap
28 June 2020
Find your way home in the Father’s house. He anxiously awaits the return of the prodigals. Paul admits, “I am lost, but now am found.”
Salvation and Eternal Life
Bro. Walter Estrada
21 June 2020
We received the free gift of salvation when we put our full confidence in God, when we entrust our life to Jesus. This kind of…
What Does “Holy One” Mean?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
14 June 2020
God is holy in that He is distinct and separate from his creation. He exercises sovereign majesty and power over it; that He is separate…
Does Absolute Truth Exist?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
07 June 2020
Truth is key to freedom. When you know the truth, it will set you free. The question is what is truth? Does absolute truth exist? …


Engage to Face the Challenge
Pastor Imelda Mesa
16 June 2019
We all have challenges and we must face them. Let us learn from Paul’s advice to Timothy how to combat them without shrinking to negativity.