CLG In God’s Heart

CLG in God’s heart is a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led community of believers sold out to serving the cause of Christ to transform and empower lives with the gospel of Jesus around the globe. It is a supernatural church which brings Heaven to earth and thrives on supernatural provision. It is a church committed to winning every man, woman and child to and for the love and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

CLG in God’s heart has a vision so infectious, so potent, that no one is safe from catching its God given inspiration. Inspiration to move forward into new territories, new depths of sacrifice and new dimensions of ministry.

CLG in God’s heart trains and equips the next generation of Christians in every age group and in any walk of life. It is a house of mentoring, caring, healing and transformation to wholeness. It releases people to maximize their God-given gifts to serve Christ.

CLG is a church in God’s heart who does not only make one feel at home in the establishment but makes each and everyone who comes in feel accepted and loved. Accepted to be a part of a Church who doesn’t judge and does not look at a person base on their walk in life and loved no matter where a person came from.

CLG is a church in God’s heart who strives to not just lead people towards God but most especially with God. It is a community of believers who would walk with a new believer hand in hand and dedicate their time in making sure he is growing.

It is a church of believers who would encourage members to use their God – given skills and talents to praise, glorify God and serve God at the same time. It is a house who would equip each individual in every way so they can reach their full potential and serve God accordingly.

It is a church dedicated to develop members into becoming a leader who would not only think about spreading the gospel to many people but a leader who would also think about the welfare of each and every member and walk with them hand in hand. A leader who would make everyone feel at ease with the Word of God and who would make Christ as the centre of his life. A Christ-like leader who acts according to God’s will.

It is a community of believers who is passionate in thinking of interactive ways to connect to people at the same time instill the message of God to every individual. A church dedicated to give joy and touch the hearts of everyone who comes in through events, special performances, videos, posters, posts and gatherings.

It is a ministry who does not just encourage everyone to shine but also acknowledges individuals for their time and dedication to fulfill the church’s mission according to God’s will.

CLG is a church in God’s heart who is dedicated and passionate to act like Christ in everything it does and serve God according to his will. Dedicated to not break God’s trust and passionate to remain in His heart.