The Cross at Golgotha
Ps Imelda Mesa
2 April 2021
The price paid by Christ is captured in His dying declaration, “It is finished”. The term for “it is finished” was used in several ways…
Under New Management
Ps Imelda Mesa
11 April 2021
God wants us to come to Him just as who we are now. We don’t have to be perfect first because only Him can makes…
Leaving the 99
Ps Imelda Mesa
18 April 2021
How good it is to know that God pursues the lost sheep (us)? He cannot not wait for the sheep to come wandering to the…


Does God Really Care?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
26 April 2020
“If God is really “Abba-Father,” our “Loving Daddy,” how can He allow His children…?” “Why does God permit pain and suffering when He could easily…
Foundation of Faith
Pastor Cathy Tripney
12 April 2020
If the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a hoax, we are still in our sins. Our hope of eternal life with Him is futile.
Defending the Faith
Sis. Letty Amador
05 April 2020
Do believers have to defend their faith? In this sermon, Sis. Letty Amador helps us with seven biblical commands essential to protect the faith.


Engage in Love
Pastor Imelda Mesa
28 April 2019
Human invention of love falls short. It leaves you wanting and searching. It leaves you void, empty, insecure, and uncertain! It is inadequate to satisfy…