Pastor Lito Amador
20 Sept 2020
Serving one another is an important discipleship trait believers must develop to possess wholeheartedly like the Master Jesus Christ. Catch the full message. Learn and…
Accept One Another for Jesus
Pastor Imelda Mesa
13 September 2020
How much are we willing to give up for the greater good of our brothers and sisters? Accept everyone for Jesus without compromising the very…
Humbling One’s Self
Pastor Frank Yap
06 September 2020
Humbling one’s self is becoming like Christ in character. Jesus did not become like God because He is God. Yet, He humbled Himself by becoming…


Empowered to Lead
Pastor Imelda Mesa
29 September 2019
A good leader is a hero. He can save a sinking ship. He can steer a dying nation in the right direction. He can positively…
Empowered to Serve
Pastor Imelda Mesa
22 September 2019
Being loved by God and receiving the same is the beginning of our spiritual journey BUT it is never the final destination. Jesus gave us…
To All Fathers
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
Gleaning from Joseph’s example, Pastor Lito posed a challenge to all the fathers. Joseph, the husband of Mary exemplified admirable traits of a faithful father,…
The Parable of the Soil
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
The word of God is the perfect seed of all seeds. It is potent to germinate in any good soil. Yet, there are four types…