Hearing God’s Voice
Pastor Imelda Mesa
21 February 2021
God is in so much desperate of talking to us but we, sometimes, are deaf by His voice. We are always occupied with too many…
God Speaks
Bro. Peter Eyo
14 February 2021
God’s Word to us is so unique. He is a Father that always wants to talk and relate with us. Radio and television stations transmit…
CLG 23rd Anniversary
Ptr. Gerald James
7 February 2021
God is blessing CLG (Church of the Living God) to be a blessing to many. We may amazingly witness too many good things that God…


Living in Gratitude
Sis. Letty Amador
23 February 2020
Are you grateful to the leadership that God appoints in your local church? Do you express appreciation for what they do? Living in gratitude in…
Resting in the Lord
Pastor Lito Amador
16 February 2020
At Calvary, Jesus redefined what rest means for the world and how you and I can get into resting in the Lord.  In this podcast,…
Godly Contentment
Pastor Imelda Mesa
02 February 2020
Worldly riches devoid of godly contentment bring worldly sorrow. Unhealthy limits bring unhealthy outcomes; when is more, enough? Kingdom riches bring eternal rewards. Instead of…