From Victim to Victor
Pastor Imelda Mesa
10 May 2020
We are promised pain in this world (John 16:33), but can we find the promise of a loving God in the suffering, that we choose…
Give What Belongs to God
Pastor Frank Yap
03 May 2020
Tithing is one of God’s fundamental principles. The tithe is firstfruit of what should be given to God before everything else is settled.


Called to Make Disciples
Pastor Imelda Mesa
26 May 2019
Pastor Imelda challenges Christ’s followers to heed the call. If God is the Miracle-Worker, you are the disciple-maker. And God is going to perform His…
Deadly Exercise
Pastor Imelda Mesa
19 May 2019
Revenge and retaliation can be a deadly exercise. It can potentially imprison us for the rest of our lives. In this message, Pastor Imelda shares…
God is Good, Be Thankful
Pastor Imelda Mesa
5 May 2019
Pastor Imelda speaks of human life as the pinnacle of God’s design, the zenith of God’s creation, God’s handiwork (Job 14:15) and God’s masterpiece (Eph.2:10).…