You aren’t here by accident; God created you, and He put you here for a reason. In fact, He loves you, and life’s greatest joy comes from knowing that He is with you every day. If you don’t know Jesus click the button below to learn more.

The Church Of The Living God Is A Church That
Believes In Jesus, And A Church That Loves God And People.

Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship; are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. If you’re new here at Church of the Living God the first step is to check out our Sunday Service times and plan a visit. You can also learn about our Vision, who Jesus is, and find a midweek Bible Study Group to be a part of. If you are nervous about coming to your first service, don’t be. Simply complete the form on our Hosting Team Concierge so that we can greet you at Church when you arrive,  introduce you to some new friends and organise seats for you.

Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019
Men’s BBQ Breakfast @ CLG from 9-10:30am Saturday 21st September. Come not only for the hearty breakfast, but come to be empowered and…
SEPTEMBER 29, 2019
Baptismal class will be held on Sunday the 29th of September after the service at CLG. For those who have not…

Senior Pastors

Pastor Imelda with husband Bro. Allan Mesa

Pastor Imelda Mesa with husband Bro. Allan Mesa is the Senior Pastor of the Church of the Living God (CLG). They have been married for 26 years and have three children, Bambi, Jed, and Abigail. In serving at CLG, they have witnessed many lives healed, transformed and enriched by the power of God as well as significant growth and blessing in every area of church life. During the past 21 years, CLG has ministered to its local community and more recently in  Manila, Philippines. Pastor Imelda and Bro. Allan are fully committed to preaching the gospel of Christ and to see the mighty work of the Holy Spirit manifest the power of Jesus through sanctified and empowered lives.

Sunday Service Times

40/70 Holbeche Road Arndell Park, NSW 2148

9:30 AM

Bible Study Groups

Sunday Church services are not the only place we gather together. We also meet during Bible studies throughout the week.  We would love for you to come along and enjoy growing deeper in God’s Word, as well as getting connected through fellowship as we do life in Christ together. If you want to join a Bible study group click on the button below.

Growth Track

The Church of the Living God Growth Track is made up of four steps that will help you to connect to the church family. It will also equip you to better understand your unique personal strengths and spiritual gifts; discover and develop your leadership ability, and empower you to use your God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Get To Know Our Church

Our Story

The Church of the Living God (CLG) is a Foursquare Church with a simple goal – to help people connect with God that they may reach their full potential. Its missional purpose is inspired by a God-given dream to enjoin the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple, and people are free to seek God with passion.  

CLG was first an outreach of the Filipino Christian Fellowship (FCF) in the early 1990s. The influx of converts and the continued growth that followed led the outreach to move to more spacious meeting places in Ryde, Parramatta and Dundas area. It was chartered as a Foursquare Church on 8th February 1998. The founding pastors, Pastors Frank and Josie Yap, now Pastors Emeritus, retired from the ministry in July 2012. On 8th July 2012, Ps Imelda Mesa, an ordained minister of the Foursquare Church Australia, with husband Allan Mesa, assumed the senior leadership of the church.  

In 2016, CLG planted a church in Manila. The future looks so good. We see a church that exalts nothing but the wonderful deeds of the Living God, with signs and wonders happening in the life of those who trust and believe the God of the living.

But like all God’s plans, the best is yet to come, and we would like to invite you to come along, join your faith with ours and be a part of what God is doing through the Church of the Living God! We are excited to see the hand of God perform in your life those which are humanly impossible.

Latest Sermons

To All Fathers
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
Gleaning from Joseph’s example, Pastor Lito posed a challenge to all the fathers on Father’s Day. Joseph, the husband of Mary exemplified admirable traits of…
The Parable of the Soil
Pastor Lito Amador
01 September 2019
The word of God is the perfect seed of all seeds. It is potent to germinate in any good soil. Yet, there are four types…
The Work of the Holy Spirit
Pastor Imelda Mesa
25 August 2019
We are created with a great degree of independence and yet with a great degree of dependence. And, there are things in life that we…
Called to Make Disciples
Imelda Mesa
19 May 2019
Pastor Imelda challenges Christ’s followers to heed the call. If God is the Miracle-Worker, you are the disciple-maker. And God is going to perform His…
What is New in Being New?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
11 August 2019
You say, “I am trying to be a good Christian.” I say to you, outside of Christ, you are weak. But in Christ, you are…
Pastor Imelda Mesa
08 September 2019
You know when you have been baptized with water because you were soaking wet in water. That’s the evidence! Same thing, you know that you…
Engage to Face the Challenge
Pastor Imelda Mesa
16 June 2019
We all have challenges and we must face them. Let us learn from Paul’s advice to Timothy how to combat them without shrinking to negativity.
Jesus is King!
Pastor Imelda Mesa
04 August 2019
We don’t hear people often proclaim Jesus as King but He is. He is King of kings, Lord of lords. To those who belong in…
Deadly Exercise
Pastor Imelda Mesa
19 May 2019
Revenge and retaliation can be a deadly exercise. It can potentially imprison us for the rest of our lives. In this message, Pastor Imelda shares…
God is Good, Be Thankful
Pastor Imelda Mesa
5 May 2019
Pastor Imelda speaks of human life as the pinnacle of God’s design, the zenith of God’s creation, God’s handiwork (Job 14:15) and God’s masterpiece (Eph.2:10).…
Engage in Love
Pastor Imelda Mesa
28 April 2019
Human invention of love falls short. It leaves you wanting and searching. It leaves you void, empty, insecure, and uncertain! It is inadequate to satisfy…
Moving Forward
Pastor Imelda Mesa
6 January 2019
In this message, Pastor Imelda will help you get hold of some principles that can assist you in becoming a person with a vision. She…