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Christians Who Absorb The Word Of God Change Their World!

Experiencing the weekly message only once is never enough. That’s why we have made many of our weekend messages available on podcast so that you will be encouraged, blessed and inspired throughout the week.  Click on the messages below to listen or download the sermon notes.

Who Am I In Christ
Pastor Cathy Tripney
24 January 2021
In this world, we will desire and pursue the highest title we could possibly ever get. It’s good the we are pursuing for something but…
I, the Lord, Do Not Change
Pastor Imelda Mesa
17 January 2021
God keeps His promises to us. He will accomplish it not on our time plan, but in His perfect time. God is indeed, a covenant…
You Will “Thrive”
Pastor Imelda Mesa
03 January 2021
2021 is a year for us to thrive. We believe that God wants us His people to thrive, flourish, prosper, succeed, bloom, blossom, expand, advance,…
A Fitting Goodbye
Pastor Imelda Mesa
27 December 2020
I could not think of the most fitting way to bid 2020 goodbye other than for us to offer sincere thanks and gratitude to the…
Why There is Christmas?
Pastor Imelda Mesa
24 December 2020
From a Christian perspective, Christmas is more than just an event or a special holiday of the year. From a Christian viewpoint, the real essence…