Walking in Alignment with God
Sis. Marie Estrada
31 January 2021
In our lives, we’re making too many decisions. Sometimes too many options bring us into confusion of the right choices. But by having God’s wisdom,…
Who Am I In Christ
Pastor Cathy Tripney
24 January 2021
In this world, we will desire and pursue the highest title we could possibly ever get. It’s good the we are pursuing for something but…
I, the Lord, Do Not Change
Pastor Imelda Mesa
17 January 2021
God keeps His promises to us. He will accomplish it not on our time plan, but in His perfect time. God is indeed, a covenant…
You Will “Thrive”
Pastor Imelda Mesa
03 January 2021
2021 is a year for us to thrive. We believe that God wants us His people to thrive, flourish, prosper, succeed, bloom, blossom, expand, advance,…


The Key to Contentment
Pastor Imelda Mesa
26 January 2020
Contentment is not something you were born with, it is something you learn and develop. So, how do you learn to be content?
The Grace That Is In You
Pastor Lito Amador
19 January 2020
Many Christians today have limited understanding of the power of grace. Grace is not an abstract spiritual state of mind. Grace is real. Grace is…
Living a Worry-Free Life
Pastor Imelda Mesa
12 January 2020
It is important that we decide what are we going to do with the worries of life as early as now so we can obey…
New Wine into New Wineskin
Pastor Imelda Mesa
5 January 2020
It is often difficult, if not impossible, to put new things into old ways. When it comes to matters of His Kingdom, Jesus used two…


Moving Forward
Pastor Imelda Mesa
6 January 2019
In this message, Pastor Imelda will help you get hold of some principles that can assist you in becoming a person with a vision. She…